Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have been waiting to see this movie since it was such a sensation with awards and what not. I must say that the graphics were amazing; it was so lifelike! It was also a little long for my taste, but overall I liked it. I felt that it kind of followed the story of Pocahontas and Fern Gully both, but looking back it was A LOT like Fern Gully but with less music and more violence. Comparing the two: Fern Gully was about a magical forest that a little fairy (native) was trying to protect when man was coming to destroy it. Fern Gully had a normal human thrown into a position where he was also a part of the forest but also tied to with what man's plan for the forest was. Fern Gully also had the main man love interest falling in love with the girl and the forest and putting his own life at risk to protect the girl and the forest. See?? Weird, huh? Well, fortunately for Avatar, I loved Fern Gully, so I also liked Avatar. If you just watched Avatar I suggest you go back and watch Fern Gully!

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